Thursday, December 4, 2008

Easy steps to fast & fabulous dinning style for the holidays

Expecting company and dont have a clue what to do?

Here are 7 tips that wont break the bank or your stress-o-meter!

1. Plan your meal and your decorating theme.
Match the decor with the food - look at some travel books or magazines at your local bookstore or library to gather a couple BIG ideas....

for example: Moroccan - use a striped fabric with the table cloth. hang above or place some lanterns on the table. Use a big brass platter and fill with candles - place in living room. earthenware plates or simple white ones will work well.

Morrocan tea lights and colored glasses. Big white dishcloths for napkins.
Create a mood in the room with the candles, Moroccan music, small jugs of spearmint leaves, little bowls with water and rose petals or rosewater finger bowls.

2.Look for containers & props your have at home such as lights, candles and little bowls for maximum impact. Flowers or leaves always add a sweet touch. Big colored containers.
Found items can be used to tie napkins, or wine glasses.

3. Keep it simple and budget friendly. Serve the appetizer with the drinks- eg green olive tapenade on small toasts. or breadsticks wrapped with cream cheese and smoked salmon(above).

Create a one dish meal with a vegetable for the main course - Couscous with lamb sausage pine nuts and spinach.

4.A simple fruit salad flavored with herbs or cordial: like peeled orange segments with mint leaves & soaked in orange liquer or flavored with rose water.
Here is a delicious fruit salad served using the fruit shell as containers. An easy artful solution to keep your guests in the mood.

5. Have large jugs of water, and enough glasses for water and wine or whatever beverages you serve. Mix and match from your cupboard or borrow from friends.

6.Coffee or tea in tiny cups with little cookies, piled high or turkish delight.

7. Look around the house for little touches that can echo the look and feel that you are going for.
Dont be a slave to a decorating idea, rather let your imagination soar and find ways to repurpose reuse and reinvent - give your guests a taste of your own style......


Decor To Adore said...

What great tips!

Jen said...

Thanks so much Laura, use them well & feel free to ask for tips on a particular topic. Happy Holidays!