Sunday, June 28, 2009

luscious Peonies

color texture and beauty.... love the plump generous Peonies
Great colors for walls or furniture.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Field of Poppies

Happy Weekend - I love this shot, taken on my way home from a meeting this morning - a house in Palo Alto CA - feels like the countryside.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sheer Happiness

Summer is here. Its time to let the breeze blow through the windows
Lift up the heavy drapes and let the light in.
Goldie is showing me the way. Rubbing her back on the glorious green grass.
Let the Summer Decorating begin, with Sheer Happiness.

I love lace curtains - terylene they used to call it back home. Everyone had some flimsy drapes, hanging on stretched plastic coated stretch wire, hooked into the window frames with little cup hooks.
For Privacy. I think they meant so they could look out & spy without you knowing..........

Here are some ideas to get you start on decorating your living room, your bedroom.

Or in the doorways in between. How about learning How ? to make a door curtain with records.
You can do it yourself - check out, if you are looking for that retro look. Instructions by Veryirie
Record Door Curtains

Or this pretty lace sheer from Country Curtains for that romantic look

and I just love the happy checks on this vintage fabric sheer made by Fab5


Be creative and reuse or repurpose fabric, or items like stones or shells.
Look for amazing finds like this cheesecloth curtain found in grandma's attic, (not my grandma) but I guess its one of those HGTV makeover moments. Here is a true life makeover picture, according to Giapet39 on flicker. Love this dreamy Kitchen window - I am in Sweden.

cheesecloth curtains found in grandmothers attic by giapet39.

Try some of the amazing window films on the market like this incredible design from 2Jane,
save money and save space - its in the window on the window - and you dont need hardware.

Stone and string from can be used in doorways and windows. I would be hesitant about using them in the doorways - could get tangled up and knocked out from the stones.
In the windows they could be delightful.

Now go forth and create summer moods in your living room, dining room, bedroom or even the office. Can you lighten the mood inside?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The door knob is a gargoyle

While visiting at the the Sofitel in Redwood City today, Goldie was happy to be surrounded by nature
and the possibility of food. She did get some calamari bits thrown her way.

The gorgeous gates at the entry as well as this grand and fabulous Chihuly light, made me reflect on the importance of sweeping your guests in, while considering the elements of style from the outside in.

What do your front door details say about you?

Found these beauties at Handles Accesories these are Black Granite Lydia
where they have quite a collection to suit.

Not just modern metal but also some Dragon Handles - check out those choices.
Shapes and surfaces to make a shopper smile.

And a proud house owner always matches her mailbox to her handles.
Found this one Blomus Signo locking letter box at All Modern
Whatever your home style is make sure the front door gets the point across, and gives your guests a warm hello, with a style that is focused and well blended.
Color, texture and thought- can go a long way to welcome visitors. and hopefully scare away unwelcome door knockers.....

Blomus - Signo Locking Letter Box and Newspaper Holder

and what about the light ? We all need a little guidance by light
found this lovely light at the same place, and I love the dreamy quality.
Not too bright, after all every house needs some soft romantic light to cover the ravages.

Foscarini - Havana Outdoor Pendant Lamp

Foscarini - Havana Outdoor Pendant Lamp

Add a piece of garden sculpture - to catch the visitors eye as they come doorside.
like this beauty photographed at Frank Lloyd Wrights Scottsdale residence.

A fountain that has sound and texture, to contrast with the smooth modern look, helps to soothe the most frantic guest. Spray away the rudeness with mellow water sounds. If you are able, choose a floor or paint the cement that compliments all your other elements.

Numbers have value and are part of the package - so take that into account when shopping.
Sometimes your old digits just need a spray of paint.
Found these at WestOn Letters Helvetica Italic Bronze Patina, where they have a wide selection for all tastes.

and the trusty little door mat is a must to wipe feet and dust before entering the hallowed hall of home. Did you know that people have written articles about delightful doormats? Not sure if they mean people or shoe mats but I found this one that makes me happy at Grounded modern living: its a chilewich spun vinyl doormat

Now that the front door is squared away, its time to lie down on the patio furniture with a lovely drink in hand.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Flowers and Fruit

Floral arrangements and fruit add some flair and fun to any dinner or table.
Color is key.
Lime green with white or pink are fresh looks for summer.

Be creative with bowls and flower shapes and colors.
Think of flowers as an accessory in your home.

Transform an indoor space, cheaply with bright color.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dreams Happen

Stanford Shopping Center
hosts the Dreams Happen Play Houses, Designed and built by a variety of local talent, the monies collected from this goes to benefit Building Together Peninsula.

I visited early one morning before the shops had opened and caught a couple. and some Stanford flowers - always fabulous. The cotton panties sold out sign caught my eye - is that possible ?

all panties sold out. That would be hilarious. or pretty sad.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

roses in bowls

Goldie is ready to relax and enjoy some special moments - the simplest items are often the most delightful. Soaked in meaning and memory. Goldie and I adore visiting Corrina, with all her wonderful wares and roses, roses roses. and Henry wagging his tail, bearing old shoes and crying with joy - visitors have arrived!