Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Magic

Its almost time for the magic to begin. No matter what you believe, how you celebrate, or what the weather is like, the end of the year is a magical time.

Time to enjoy family and friends, to reflect on what has passed, what you experienced and what your hopes dreams and needs are for the year to come.
We always play out our own traditional customs, spending time with friends and family, eating familiar foods, and feeling the joy and mingled sadness of out with the old and in with the new.
Postmen wearing Santa Claus outfits ride delivery motorcycles ...A diver in Santa Claus costume rides a bicycle inside a shark ...In this Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007 file photo, the original Santa ...More than 100 voluntary workers, dressed in Santa Claus outfits, ...A man dressed as Santa Claus rides his sleigh in northern Finland, ...A man dressed in a Santa Claus outfit poses in the flooded Saint ...High wire motorcycle artist Dean Schmidt is dressed like a Santa ...An Angel is surrounded by runners, dressed as Santa Claus, are ...

A spectator dressed as Santa Claus walks near the ice track ...

Santa, Father Christmas, Papa Noel, Father Frost or Joulupukki, the Finnish Santa Claus or what ever you call the red clad figure plays a prominent roll in our lives, and I love the jolly old soul although I am a trifle disturbed by the totally boring and old Mrs Claus or whoever she is.
She doesnt get much airtime, but the world is obviously as fascinated as I by the old man in red.
A diver dressed in a Santa Claus costume feeds the fish inside ...Didi Senft, a bicycle designer better known as 'El Diablo' ...

Grandma Claus doesn't seem to be or do much but be the easily forgotten token woman in the background. I long to see a more interesting female figure in this theater of year end holly days.... looking through all the Santa shots I am surprised to learn there are runs & swims & other activities all around the world, male, female, young old and some animals too, wearing red velvet, white fur trimmed outfits, some to get into the Guinness book of records; for the biggest crowd of people dressed in Santa suits, a noble cause, for the hearts and minds that delight in the idea of magic and secret gifts.

Talk about a design statement. Red & White is very sophisticated looking and a great holiday look for your home or your clothes.
Joulupukki, the Finnish Santa Claus, gestures to local children ...
here are some of my favorite Santa pics culled from Yahoo photos- enjoy the spectacle and imagine a land littered with Santas ....... perhaps there are no elves only Santas in the making.
Only one gets to be top Santa!

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