Thursday, December 11, 2008


After writing about the Scottish Tea - I decided to re-enact one in my living room.
I was stirred up by the possibili- teas.

Enjoy the pleasurable moments

using only what you have. plus some biscuits or cookies, tea & whisky

My mom's lace tablecloth saved from her trousseau. My tartan scarf bought from tj max a couple years back. A silver icebucket from Goodwill paid $12.00 Crystal glasses from an antique shop on Union in San Francisco about $20 each, my brown earthenware tea pot - a gift from hubby 7 years ago, my english transfer plates another tj max special, candle holders from pier one, delicate bone china tea-cup a discard from a client- free. Hazelnut choclate biscuits from my favorite french pastry shop laurent Duchene (absolutely delish) chocolates from my favorite friends Calibressan, some star ginger biccies from trader joe, my sweet african stars, and some after eights.
The silver teapot jewel was my mothers necklace she converted from a belt buckle more that 50 years ago, that I still wear and love.

An enchanting christmas candle from the Hamburg Christmas market- snowflake gold piece a friend just brought back, my sugar net with shells and crochet trim made in south africa, a mirror -free discard from a client, art deco hot water pot bought at the greek festival 4 pieces for $15, our Carol Boyes man pot, bought on a visit home 10 years ago.

Memories, conversation and discards make tea time, a time to treasure.

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Decor To Adore said...

So pretty! My Scottish husband would love it.