Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Change you can believe in.

Change is good. When things stay the same and they change; that's even better,
How would you do that?
Its all about using what you have. But toss it up and think it out differently.
Can you repurpose, highlight and fascinate?
Use reduction and chaos control?
In these times of change - wouldnt that be the change you can live with.
Here is a case studies of change:
Client was unhappy with the darkness of the room and the lack of warmth. Plus they had inherited a bunch of beautiful items that she did not know how to make the most of:

The first photo illustrates the before.
We moved the heavy bookcases to the other side of the room to balance out the display case.
By moving the couch to the short wall the room expanded and can breathe.
Happy client has changed her living habits: a warm sunny spot to enjoy, and an inviting room to host guests, see photo below :

BONUS : Nothing was purchased to create this amazing change.

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