Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Philippe Starke goes Baccarat

Just saw a post on Surroundings which took me right back to my personal Philippe Stark sightings- two this year.

The most sumptuous  Maison Baccarat in Paris  this picture above I found at We are Private which is the actual shop. They would not let me take photos inside sadly.  This place is so delicious.

In a small street of the Champs Elysees

with discreet decorations and a lipstick red door
the balcony above entices with a promise of decadence

enter the Maison and the hall is dramatic

reworked in typical Stark style

dont you love the arm light ?  there were arms in the carpet in the showroom too.

the suspended chandelier was my favorite piece!

and every place I visit requires a stop and sometime a photograph in the ladies loo
this one has to be one of the most spectacular  red mirrored walls, mirror, baccarat chandelier red ceiling and silver basin   

this gorgeous wall and Bacarat Chrystal  is in the toilet stall.
A palatial pee room!
and below I believe its the men's room - I took a peak but not a pee.

The beautiful balcony set for a meal by mirror!

and the sweet electric candles.

the private dining room in the Baccarat Restaurant - stunning!
Dont you love the padded ceiling?

and the main dining room - amazing!  rough brick with cameo portraits, Baccarat chandeliers and Baccarat at every place setting.

The absolutely stunning giant Baccarat chandelier in the fabulous stair well.
Every Baccarat Chrystal Chandelier has one red chrystal with the logo.
I wish I could have take the rooms full of amazing items for sale. and so beautiful.

At the bottom of the stairs a different kind of seat

with  another stunning standing candelabra.

and down the hall to the exit with shiny carpet...

I will post the next Philip Stark visit in the next few days...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Open up the doors to a new year

Whenever I go to cities or town with rich details I cant help taking photos of all the doorways. A mirror into our lives. The colors rich and textured with history, meaning memory.
All these doors I took this past year in Paris and in the North of France by the ocean.  Every home has a door, every door should be worthy of its home, its owner.
If you dont have a good door add character with color and detail.