Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sheer Happiness

Summer is here. Its time to let the breeze blow through the windows
Lift up the heavy drapes and let the light in.
Goldie is showing me the way. Rubbing her back on the glorious green grass.
Let the Summer Decorating begin, with Sheer Happiness.

I love lace curtains - terylene they used to call it back home. Everyone had some flimsy drapes, hanging on stretched plastic coated stretch wire, hooked into the window frames with little cup hooks.
For Privacy. I think they meant so they could look out & spy without you knowing..........

Here are some ideas to get you start on decorating your living room, your bedroom.

Or in the doorways in between. How about learning How ? to make a door curtain with records.
You can do it yourself - check out, if you are looking for that retro look. Instructions by Veryirie
Record Door Curtains

Or this pretty lace sheer from Country Curtains for that romantic look

and I just love the happy checks on this vintage fabric sheer made by Fab5


Be creative and reuse or repurpose fabric, or items like stones or shells.
Look for amazing finds like this cheesecloth curtain found in grandma's attic, (not my grandma) but I guess its one of those HGTV makeover moments. Here is a true life makeover picture, according to Giapet39 on flicker. Love this dreamy Kitchen window - I am in Sweden.

cheesecloth curtains found in grandmothers attic by giapet39.

Try some of the amazing window films on the market like this incredible design from 2Jane,
save money and save space - its in the window on the window - and you dont need hardware.

Stone and string from can be used in doorways and windows. I would be hesitant about using them in the doorways - could get tangled up and knocked out from the stones.
In the windows they could be delightful.

Now go forth and create summer moods in your living room, dining room, bedroom or even the office. Can you lighten the mood inside?

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