Monday, January 19, 2009

Lacy and free

Summer Snowflake Scarf Crochet Pattern
Summer Snowflake
lace falls open and closed like magic in honor of MLK day
I am thinking how cobwebs and lace can be open and hold you enchanted and free
the lightness of being
to have the space and light to make choices, find your freedom, to live with dignity.
and LACE.
Here is a cobweb covered in snow from Yahoo pictures:

and a fabulous lace covered tree
by Janet Morton - Ward Island Toronto


how about some lace valances from London Lace

or some woven bowls for the dresser - these are so sweet from Berlin's Whimsy
crocheted bowls


or one of the incredible sculptures of Ruth Asawa at the San Francisco De Young Museum

find a lovely piece of lace to embellish a simple pillow or drape

Exquisite maltese lace from the Lace Fairy

or how lovely would some chantilly lace look in black as sheers for your boudoir or to skirt your dolly varden
I had a dolly varden (kidney shaped dresser surrounded by fabric) when I was a child.
Sheers with velvety red spots - I remember that pouffy skirted table with delight
and on top a three piece wrought iron curlicue mirror
check out this choice from Anjoorians Silks

Download CL-73a (1025Wx769H)

Dream on

a jewel to treasure from Vintage stones

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