Monday, January 26, 2009

The eye of the needle

Monday night and its time to indulge my secret moment.
The house is quiet and Goldie the dog is under the desk sleeping the dog's life.
I am surrounded by silence except for the freeway noise like the ocean in the distance.
My passions are design and food and color and books and so many things...being sidetracked into reading other peoples blogs and being amazed and delighted at what they create....
one of my favorite pictures of Goldie - my daughter put together all these Goldie scenes to create a calendar for her dad.

I was going to talk about silver. the color the essence and the history.
I love silver, and I found this totally cool picture to share- a piece of art inside the eye of a needle- the first family celebrates!

a drop of water!

Here is a singing bowl

a silver claw foot tub from

the scenery in silver

none of these visuals are mine - but I enjoyed their silver attitude

this post will be continued.
there is a thread of silver linking us all
and life does have a silver thread.
Its mercurial and magic and I want me some of that!
Silver bells and silver walls and all the greys that nature and man made......

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