Friday, July 3, 2009

Laundry Room blues

Do you ever wonder why the Laundry Room can give you the blues?
All those shiny white appliances that show all the dirt, the white walls, the white floors and those brown cupboards... does functional mean ugly ?
This is a small room that can be enhanced with color.
Decorating ideas and quick fixes are plentiful.
Like this quick change we created for a House Staging on a budget
we took this

to this

Color makes a huge difference. Consider the other items in the room when choosing color schemes for your laundry room.

Art and accesories play an important role in bland functional spaces.
Notice how the blue in the painting pops right out, against the green paint.
The green also tones down the red in the wood.

Fun signs work well in the clean working environment

Laundry Drop Pants Vintage Tin Sign
Laundry Drop Pants Vintage Tin Sign

and I like this sign 'Do it Yourself' from

When deciding how to decorate your laundry room, look at some examples -
like this totally cool laundry room from Sarahs house
Laundry Room

and here is a whimsical idea from the delightful home blog

A laundry room if in its own space, is a delightful chance to be bold or wild. It will give you pleasure every time you enter, to do a chore that never ends. Whatever your style country cottage to bohemian chic - you can create a little corner of wonder, to enhance your everyday moments. What do you think?

What would your ideal Laundry Room be ?

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