Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Romantic endeavors

"Sleep, perchance to dream" as Shakespeare declared - every creature needs a place to lay their head.
Like Goldie, who is curled up head resting on paw pads, to create a soft pillow.

Indulge the Romantic you
The Bedroom is a great place to get away from it all.
Basics include a good bed, excellent lighting and perhaps a chair to curl up in.
here are some ideas mixed up with some Home and Garden photographs from the Conde Nast collection:
Bedroom Forest
Scenic designer William Riva transformed his child's bedroom into an enchanted forest for the holidays. Otto Maya photographed the exquisite area for the December 1955 House & Garden.

Be bold in the bedroom- color is an easy way to create a mood
Use the apricot heart of a rose you love, or a deep inky blue sky that brings peace floating to the surface.
A painted ceiling can be magical.

Items for a Man's Bedroom
Items for a man's bedroom

A series of men's bedroom accessories, including wool blankets, a hanger, a pencil cup holder and an ashtray, were photographed by Geoffrey Baker for the January 1948 House & Garden.

Fabric is sensual
Not just color here, but texture, pattern and type of fabric can be used to changing the space dramatically & create mood:
Use behind the bed, to create statement. Cover a headboard or drape from floor to ceiling.

Rochas Bedroom

Rochas bedroom

The September 1950 House & Garden, - the bedroom that couturier Marcel Rochas designed for his wife and himself. André Kertész photographed the room, which features wall murals in the style of the eighteenth century, a high ceiling painted light blue, and a bed draped in icy blue-white satin.

Texture & color add DRAMA!

Bedding that coordinates, ties the space together.
Avoid too many pillows or lots of small items.

Size Counts.
When choosing your bed frame the scale of the piece should be taken into account.
Dont crowd the space. Leave room for walking.

Understand your needs:

eliminate clutter and pare the space down.
Less clutter means more tranquility.

Paint all the pieces of furniture one color to unify. Reduce the clutter to clean lines and simple elements. Make sure the furniture is comfortable.
Organize your essentials with containers like baskets or trays.

Speak to your romantic soul.
Art is an important element in a bedroom. Hang pieces that are joyful and nourishing.

The cover of the May 1935 House & Garden was a vision in violet. Anton Bruehl photographed the still life of pansies.

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LenoreNeverM♡re said...

I agree fabric is definitely sensual- the higher the thread counts the yummier it is after several washes of course...:)