Monday, April 6, 2009

Necessary belongings

Transitioning from old to bold

What happens when you think about Moving? Is it all too much or is it an adventure beyond compare.

Finally you have the chance to shake off the dust of Unwanted collectibles like this frothy Dresden lace porcelain piece Dolores, from the Irish Green Lace Collection selling on Ebay

Are there memories you can lose ? Like this 19th century collectors print below.
perhaps its gathering dust in your boudoir? Would you rather not recall those nights or do you wish it had pride of place in your entrance hall.
Maybe you need to think about framing or adding more prints to your collection

the pale and soothing tones of blue and green to help remember why
you let it gather dust.

can you convert some item to cold green cash?
Is there a way to enhance the way you want to live?

Perhaps improving the view from the window like my friend who has this to look at from her kitchen window would be your way of moving.

who would not be delighted ?
senses reeling from color & composition
and places to find peace and tranquility.

Is it time to dump the old tea trolley or is this the perfect time to turn it in to a wonderful drink and snack station?
Does this Briarwood tea cart bring back sweet memories?
It certainly reminds me of when my mom would pile on Royal Albert cups and saucers with golden spoons, and matching cake plates and dainty napkins
An array of delicious and tasty cakes and biscuits that made it hard to choose which cake to bite into.
and the silver tea service that was brought out for guests with a giant sugar bowl.
I remember the colored sugar grains large and oh so pretty that somehow made the tea taste funny.
the memories long gone, but the tea trolley lingers on.
Now I would paint it a bright color and stack on the glasses and bottles, for a fun cocktail hour or family fruit mix.
Little cheese straws or thin crackers and toppings
Ice and tongs


How about adding this fabulous ice bucket to the mix ? As seen in Lamp Lust.
and who can resist the name ? The Chiller - rechargeable color changing wine chiller.
Every home needs one of those (Not for the faint at heart)

Mood Object - Chiller

Moving in up or down - or hanging around with less, is a challenge that requires thought and time.

Time to sift through memory and space, separating the necessary from the desired, the loved from the practical. The beautiful piece that sings from the items that screech.

I had the chance to visit a different version of the home I grew up in - the house is different, but the furniture and ornaments are the same. Every time I wonder around gazing at all the memories in glass, porcelain and dust, wondering, if I could choose, which items would I take to my dessert(sweet sweet place) island - the place where I would bring only what I love & cherish.
The true sweet dessert of what matters.
This piece below is one of my all time favorites. I love the glaze on the ceramic and the exquisite work of the piece. I would be happy to take this memory from my mother's house - if I had enough wrapping bubble and room in my overflowing suitcase......

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