Monday, March 23, 2009

Inspired to change with small change

Back in the USA mind is teeming with color and ideas.
I am inspired to make changes after seeing all the incredible ideas and clever artistic creativity in South Africa. Country of my youth, and it is very seductive, still.
Looking at this porch at a sweet spot in Kalk Bay - what a clever idea to wrap fabric around the columns.

How about these fabulous cushions & cover to add some pizazz to your living quarters
lively pillows and some fabric and clever stitching on what appears to be a gray blanket.

Flowers or leaves in an interesting container is another easy way to add energy and prettiness to your home, using the penny jar. see the garden roses and cut flower mix in the watering can.
Clever tricks with paint is another cheap way to add new energy.

This photo above creates a pretty look that is easy to recreate at home, and adds style for pennies on the dollar. I spied this tray at the Biscuit Factory in Salt River.
What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday.
You can create this look with ease using stuff around the house and fill in with a visit or two to a thrift store or a garage sale.

and how about a few new tea towels, not just for trays, but you can create cushions, place mats, cover a pot - I found mine at the biscuit factory at one of my favorite bloggers stalls.
What a treat to meet Heather Moore, in person, check out her blog selling all her lovely stuff - and because I was a reader she kindly threw in a pin - I chose a bird and I love that pin- I am wearing it and it makes me smile. Check out those amazing tea towels and bags & more.
Heather was so cool, and friendly. too bad I got there when everyone was closing up, so I missed out on a slow walk through the stalls. However I did get a chance to stroll through lots of other shops and spend a lovely time in the food market.

Summer Weeds in burnt butter - teatowel

Summer Weeds in burnt butter - teatowel

and shop for more amazing items of Heather's.

With clever repurposing of what you have, with some judicious shopping where needed, you can turn your living space into a space that welcomes and embraces you.

Love the home you have, get started on creating that new space with old things today.

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Decor To Adore said...

I love going into peoples homes and "tranforming their home with what they own". So much can be done.